Freshness and Energy


Oxygen in a Can for Freshness and Energy

Oxygen in a Can offers oxygen for energy and freshness which is an ideal product for revitalizing you from the stresses of modern life that leaves you depleted and tired. 

Oxygen in a Can is there for you whenever you need energy. It instantly restores your energies, increases your mental alertness and elevates your mood. Just breathe 95% Pure Natural Oxygen for feeling fresh and full of vigor. Just 4-5 deep breaths help in increasing your energy, concentration and general well-being. Exhausted after a busy day at work, an intensive workout session, or partying at night, simply inhale a few deep breaths from Oxygen in a Can. You’ll be back in your elements. 

Revitalize and recover with portable canned oxygen without any side effects. The number of inhalations will all depend on the user, some people prefer short breaths of one second while others prefer deeper inhalations of up to three to four seconds. 

On average our 6L Oxygen in a Can and Oxyburst will provide up to 100 one-second inhalations and the 12L Oxygen in a Can will provide up to 200 one-second inhalations. 

  • Improves mental alertness and concentration
  • Improves cellular replacement
  • Elevates energy while working, partying, or holidaying
  • Helps against fatigue and depression
  • Enhances physical performance

Best for recovering from the effects of high altitude, poor air quality, ill-ventilated office spaces, crowded and polluted urban spaces. Oxygen in a Can contains 95% Pure Natural Oxygen for lifting your energies.

The extra oxygen breathed from the can would generate surplus energy in your body enabling you to perform with zest and clarity. Whether you are a student, a sports person, an adventure tourist, an officer worker, Oxygen in a Can offers you the best-canned oxygen to help you stay on top of your game.

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