Hangover Cure

Hangover Cure

How Supplemental Oxygen Like Oxygen in a Can, can HELP!

When you head to your next party, consider bringing along a portable canister of Oxygen in a Can as your trusted wingman/wing woman. Drinking too much can result in a hangover – aches, pains, headaches and even sickness. It can cause you to struggle at work the next day or even affect your normal routine. Popular hangover remedies include aspirin, coffee and extra sleep. Many people are just starting to understand the benefits of supplemental oxygen like Oxygen in a Can to fight a hangover. It’s also important to understand how alcohol affects your circulatory system and causes a hangover. Oxygen in a Can can help you feel better faster.

Thankfully, portable oxygen canisters such as Oxygen in a Can makes it easy to bring the canned oxygen with you to any party. The lightweight, handheld canisters that fit in your bag enables you to party hard and party smart, by using Oxygen in a Can before, during and after your party. And hopefully, you’ll feel like yourself again, so you can make an incredible contribution at work the day after.

The use of supplemental Oxygen is a terrific hangover cure. Simply put, when we drink alcohol, we become Oxygen-deficient. It takes 3 molecules of Oxygen to metabolize 1 molecule of alcohol, therefore, depleting the body’s Oxygen supply as it is metabolizing the alcohol.

Alcohol also works to constrict the blood vessels in the head. Alcohol makes each blood vessel smaller, causing decreased amounts of blood and nutrients to travel to the brain. The day after you’ve had a few to drink, it takes time for the blood vessels to re-open to their original size.

The slow expansion of these blood vessels is often painful and part of the reason why you can experience such bad headaches. However, when you use Oxygen therapy, the Oxygen works to counteract this mechanism and will cause the blood vessels to relax and open to their original size. It works rapidly so that you don’t have to suffer through the pain of a hangover and can get back to feeling great that much faster.

Oxygen in a Can will boost the body’s energy, providing a shot before, during and after a big event or night on the town. Due to the functional health benefits of oxygen, you can party longer. Breathing recreational oxygen helps the body metabolize alcohol more efficiently.

That’s why inhaling oxygen while you drink alcohol can help you feel better the morning after you painted the town red. Breathing Oxygen in a Can the next morning can help your body break down the chemicals that remain in your body from alcohol consumption. With revived energy, the hope for faster recovery, and a unique party tool to help elevate the atmosphere of your night out, it’s no wonder Oxygen in a Can is quickly becoming the must-have party guest.

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