5L Oxygen Machine

5L Oxygen Machine for Home

The Jumao is the most reliable and robust stationary oxygen machine for sale. This innovative oxygen concentrator delivers up to 96% oxygen purity.

Weighing only 14kgs, this machine is truly lightweight and compact. With a noise level of less than 45 dB, it is also one of the quietest machines in the world. 

Portable Oxygen Machine


  • Lightweight – only 16 kg.
  • Comes with built in Nebulizer
  • Smaller and sleeker.
  • Easy to store and transport.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Sound Level: <= 46 dB
  • Simpler for patients to use and maintain.
  • Needs only 2 feet of space on all sides for proper ventilation.


  • Single Flow.
  • Alarm for Low purity (below 82%).
  • Alarm for High temperature (Above 55 °C).
  • Built-in Nebulizing function.
  • Timer for Auto Shut off.
  •  Capacity: 5 Litres per minute
  •  Oxygen Purity 93% +- 3% even at 5LPM
  • Flow Rate 1-5 Litres per min (Adjustable)
  •  Outlet Pressure 38kPa+- 5kPa
  •  Sound Level: 46 dB(A)

Jumao oxygen machine concentrator is intended for individual use as an oxygen machine in a home or care facility.

It is an electronically operated device that separates oxygen from ambient air. It provides a high concentration of oxygen directly to you through a nasal cannula or other methods.

Clinical studies have documented that oxygen concentrators machines are the therapeutical equivalent to other types of oxygen delivery systems.

What`s in the Box?

  1. 5L Jumao Oxygen Concentrator
  2. Humidifier Bottle
  3. Humidifier Bottle connector 
  4. Oxygen Canulla – 1.5 meters 
  5. Nebulizer Kit
Medical Grade Oxygen Concentrator

Note: This product is used for family health care and should not be used to treat serious diseases without consulting medical advice. Kindly take note of our Medical Disclaimer.